Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Minimal expectations, minimal pressure….minimal rewards.

You will get out of it; what you put into it. Have you been disappointed to the point that you don’t expect much anymore? If I don’t expect much then I won’t be disappointed. However, a Leader isn’t like this. A Leader knows that with high expectations, high pressure; there will be high reward. Nothing worth doing has low expectations or minimal pressure. High stakes, high risk, high payoff. It all goes to say that; Leaders like the thrill of pressure situations. Don’t ever look for the easy job or situations. Never let the fear of the power of a situation cause you to step back. Be the one that has the expectation of being a leader and innovator. Be the one that uses the pressure to bring out the best. The reward then is being unstoppable and relentless. There is nothing like being the one who goes against the odds and wins time and time again. 

Expectations, pressure, rewards!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Be Responsible, not Privileged

Taking on responsibility not looking for privileges is a mark of a true Leader.  

When you are given much, you tend to expect much. That is one of the issues with privilege. When you haven’t had to work hard for something, but have been given it, it’s not the same. Privilege over responsibility has hurt a lot of people. The better and higher a person goes, they expect more and more privileges. However, a Leader knows that the higher they go, the more responsibility they have and the fewer privileges. It’s the upside down triangle image. The further up you go, the smaller the privilege point. I have seen many people fall because they couldn’t handle the privilege point. A Leader has to take on more responsibility than those around. A relentless person is one who isn’t looking for privileges in the first place. Be the person in the room that takes the responsibility for making it happen. Don’t look for someone to hand it to you, but go do it. That’s a key point for a Leader. Be unstoppable by taking the responsibility of getting it done.

Monday, September 14, 2015


The ability to show up every day and do what no one else is willing to do, that comes from the Leader inside you.

Leaders do what others only talk about. There are a lot of people today that want to, but are not willing to pay the price. That is what makes a Leader a Leader. If you want to bring out the Leader in you, then just be consistent in showing up each and every day. Then do the work that is required and do it with excellence. Someone who keeps showing up can’t be stopped. Being unstoppable isn’t easy, that’s why so few actually follow through. However, I encourage you to be relentless in your pursuit of being a Leader. You have what it takes. God created you to be a Leader, but it’s up to you to become a Leader. Nike has it right; ‘Just do it.’ Get going today. Get your process established and then work your plan. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Leaders make decisions, not suggestions, they know the answer while everyone else is still asking questions.  

If you want to be a Leader you have to be prepared. The Boy Scouts say; ‘Be Prepared.’ Well, a Leader is always prepared. You know what it is you do better than anyone else. For this to happen you have to study, listen and learn. Watch others that have gone before you see how they succeeded and failed along the way. See how they did it and then improve on it. When you do this, when others are asking questions about what to do, you already have the answers to the questions. This also helps you to be decisive. When you come to a crossroads you know the way to go. You have the information to make the decision before you get there. Therefore, a Leader is a person who makes informed decisions when others are still trying to figure out the questions. An unstoppable person is willing to learn in order to be a Leader. Are you in decision making mode today?