Monday, July 13, 2015


Your strategy is to make everyone else get on your level; you’re not going down to theirs.   

As a leader you are always wanting to bring others up. However, there will be those that want you to come down to theirs. Not everyone will go to the next level. They will try to convince you to settle where they are at. This is not you though. You are unstoppable, there is no settling in you. A leader never is complacent with where they are in life. You will help others to come up to your level though. As you are working in your purpose take time to bring others up to your level. A leader never settles. Being unstoppable means you are always looking for ways to get better and to help those around you. Don’t allow those that don’t want to be the best discourage you from being your best. Being a leader is a special thing. Don’t take it for granted ever. Everyone has the ability but so few go to that level. You are one that will go to that level and keep on going.

Are you bringing others up to your level today?


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