Thursday, June 11, 2015


Have you ever considered the power of the statement, “I am”?  

What follows these two simple words will determine what kind of life you live. “I am blessed. I am strong. I am healthy.” Or, “I am slow. I am unattractive. I am stupid.” The “I am’s” that are coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure. All through the day the power of “I am” is at work in our minds. Many times we use the power of “I am” against us. We don’t realize how it’s affecting our future. Here’s the principle. What follows the “I am” will always come looking for you. The good news is that you get to choose what follows the “I am.” When you go through the day saying, “I am unstoppable,” you become unstoppable. “I am talented.” Talent comes looking for you. You may not feel up to par but when you say, “I am healthy,” health starts heading your way. “I am strong.” Strength starts tracking you down. You’re inviting that into your life. Get up in the morning and invite good things into your life. Declare “I am relentless. I am strong. I am talented. I am disciplined. I am focused. I am a LEADER. I am an INNOVATOR.” And always make sure the truth follows “I am”! 

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