Thursday, June 25, 2015


Releasing a negative thought and getting to the next part of your day is a skill that must be developed to be a great leader.  

When you hold on to something you did wrong you then lose focus in the now. A leader must have the mindset of being in the present, being in the now. I often tell colleagues to flush the past, especially the negativity. Just like flushing a toilet. There is not much difference between negativity and the toilet; both need flushing from your mind. Stay present minded. Stay in the now. There is nothing you can do about a negative event. Learn from it and don’t repeat it. This holds true on the field, the court, the hardwood, in the classroom and in life. There are going to be days you make the wrong move, don’t keep it from allowing you to moving forward. Don’t let the mistake you made at the office stop you from your destiny. Don’t let that mistake you made in that relationship stop you from loving others. To be unstoppable you have to continue to move forward. To be relentless you have to stay in the now. Now will always be now. It is constantly moving forward and in the present. There is no now in the past. 

Release and flush the negativity and move toward the next success in your life today. 

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