Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Innovate your leadership approach.  Coach and lead…don’t manage.

Here are 5 Key Differences between a Manager/Boss and a Coach/Leader:

  • A Leader/Coach spends more time listening and asking questions, while a Boss spends more time speaking and giving directions.
  • A Leader/Coach invests time in observing, while a Boss makes quick assumptions.
  • A Leader/Coach uncovers issues to get to the root of a problem, while a Boss takes the quickest route to deal with the surface symptoms.
  • A Leader/Coach helps Direct Reports accept responsibility, while a Boss assigns blame.
  • A Leader/Coach supports employees in developing their plans, while a Boss gives them the plan and tells them to follow it.
We've all experienced variations of Boss vs. Leader types in our working lives. The truth is, it seems easier and more expedient to "boss" than to coach. But research and anecdotal evidence both show that coach/leaders have more engaged employees, and get better results. Do you have more "boss" types or coaches in your organization? Whether you're the head large university department, or just trying to be effective in leading a small school, perhaps it's time to ask yourself - am I more of a boss, or a leader? What would your employees say?

In the Spirit of INNOVATION,

Justin Davis

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