Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The present is more important than the past. 

Oftentimes we allow our past to negatively affect our present and future. However, your past should be a teacher that pushes you toward your purpose and destiny in life. We all have made mistakes and bad decisions. Learn from those and use it to make a better today and tomorrow for yourself and those around you. Your past should never disqualify your destiny but rather it qualifies you to be the difference. Whether you try to disqualify yourself or others attempt to do so, push forward. Take what you can from days and years gone by and use it to form your process for becoming the Champion you were created to be. There are so many others that are going through what you have been through that need your help; your advice. You are the difference in their life. Being relentless means forgiving yourself for what has happened in your life. You can do this! You are a Champion!

Use your past to make a better tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


All through the day, there are two voices that compete for our attention — the voice of victory and the voice of defeat. 

You'll hear a voice saying, “You'll never be successful. You don't have what it takes. You've reached your limit.” But if you listen carefully, you'll hear another voice saying, “You are well able. You can do it. Your best days are still up ahead.” You are the one who gets to choose which voice has power in your life. The moment you verbalize a thought, you give it the right to happen. When you speak faith, you’re in agreement with God. When you speak defeat, you’re in agreement with the enemy. God-talk brings God on the scene. Enemy-talk brings the enemy on the scene. Why don't you get in agreement with God ? The negative voice may be louder, but you can override it. You can take away all of its power by simply choosing the voice of victory.

What voice are you listening to?

Monday, April 13, 2015


From a mental perspective, what is imagined is true and real.

You have to expect what you desire is going to happen. Just wanting it isn't enough. Believe in your mind that you will be a Champion. Know that you are unstoppable and will be the best. You see it first in your mind before you see it with your eyes. See yourself being successful. See yourself being the best at what you do. Visualize yourself being the Champion you were born to be. If you can see it in your mind and you know it’s your destiny; then go make it happen. Practice every day seeing yourself where you want to go and be. Start and end each day seeing with your mind. Use your mind to move yourself forward. So many people allow their mind to control their life and keep them down. 

Be in control of your mind today and see your life go to another level. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


What makes a good leader?

To be successful as a leader, you need a combination of two ingredients: character and competence. You need to be a person of integrity. Someone people trust and are willing to follow. To be trusted in education, you must be trustworthy. You must believe in yourself, your school, the essential goodness of your curriculum and plans, and in the people around you. You need to believe that you are offering an excellent service in every way, one that makes a difference in the lives of those you serve. You must lead by example and obtain leadership skills that inspire others to join you in the exciting project of building a great community. At the same time, you must become excellent at the key capabilities and functions of leadership and set yourself on a course of continuous improvement throughout your career.

“You need the humility to remind yourself that you've got to get better at everything you do,” insisted Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.

“I don't know about you, but I’m never done growing.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2015



Integrity is perhaps the most valued and respected quality of leadership and one of the most important management skills you need to attain. By saying what you'll do and then doing what you say, you will build trust around your team. Do you stand up and speak out for what you believe? Do you demonstrate the courage to stay the course when the going gets tough and the outcome looks uncertain? What makes a good leader is the ability to stay calm and in control, especially when everyone around them is wondering whether it’s the right decision or if it was a mistake to commit to a particular course of action. When you exude confidence in yourself, in the decision, and in the people around you, you instill the same feelings and attitudes in others. Leaders have what is called “courageous patience.” Between the decision and the result, there is always a period of uncertainty when no one knows if the effort is going to be successful.

To be a successful leader, you must strive to have these essential leadership qualities. 

Friday, April 3, 2015


So, how to improve your work ethic?

First of all: stop talking and start doing
Look, talking about your goals isn't going to help you reach them. I know I enjoy talking about my goals and dreams as most people do but time spent on this is mostly wasted. Talking about your goals and actually taking action towards your goals are two different things.

The funny thing is that it can feel like you are busy reaching your goals when you are talking about them, but in reality, you are not moving forward. Let’s face the hard reality. It’s going to require hard work to get there.  Just pick one thing and go DO it now! Stop procrastinating. Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Stop consuming, start producing
What are you going to do today that you can show to other people tomorrow? Produce something. Look, checking your Facebook and Twitter isn't producing anything. You are just consuming pointless information. Again, with talking you are not producing anything. Therefore it’s not effective. Create something. Nobody cares about the things you say or think. They care about what you can show to them.

As a rule: spend more time producing then you are consuming.
Switch your mindset from consumer to producer.

It’s all about getting things done
We feel like we deserve something back whenever we have put a lot of hours into something. But in reality, this is nonsense. I see this in college, someone whining about the amount of hours he has put into a project, but still has a bad grade. I've certainly done it myself. But the fact is, the teacher doesn't see those hours you've put into the project. He will only see the end result, and that’s what he’s going to grade. This works the same with everything in life. People don't see your hard work, they only see the results. Therefore, it’s better to focus on getting things done and produce so you've something to show up for. Truth is, most people have never produced anything else then they have been asked for or told to. If you are the one that has produced something extra in his life, you will get ahead. Do more then you are told to do.

Stop wasting time
We are in this crazy society where we get distracted so easily. Sometimes we have to go back to basics and just focus on doing. There are so many ways to waste your time. You'll have to focus and cut out useless activities.

Try to improve each day. You will start to live a more congruent life, because you are spending more time working towards the goals that are in line with you.

So how to improve your work ethic?
- Stop talking, start doing
- Produce more than you consume
- Get things done

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


A Champion makes decisions not suggestions, you know the answer while everyone else is still asking questions.

Being a Champion you have to be decisive. To be decisive you must have the information you need to make the correct decision and to make it quickly. How do you get the information? You prepare ahead of time. You read books that have information about the area you are in.  You research!  You turn your iPod into a library of books. You listen to podcasts and books during your drive time, workout time, and break time. You take the time to read the material that is current and up-to-date in your field. Make time to listen to people that have gone before you and are Champions in your sport, career area, or what you are interested in doing. If you are going to be unstoppable, then you have to do the work that is necessary. You have to be able to make the decision on what to do before others. Be prepared, be a Champion!