Thursday, February 12, 2015


Get started today. What are you waiting for?  

It’s great to make detailed plans, but you can't possibly figure out every detail in advance. Get going, keep going, with a clear destination always in mind, and you'll discover how to make your way there. Much of the value of any achievement comes from all the new things you learn along the way. So even if you're not sure you're ready to start, go ahead and start. 

Embrace experience as your teacher. Welcome the challenges that will strengthen every part of you.
Speculation, pondering and learning from others all have their place. At some point, though, you must put it all into practice and work your own way to the goal you have chosen. 

Make that point sooner rather than later. Give more of your life the benefit of your real-life experience. 

Demolish your doubts with action. Go ahead, get started, and enjoy discovering how great you can be.

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