Friday, February 6, 2015


Is 'Mind Over Matter' A Myth?

It’s difficult for some people to believe that they can change their circumstances to whatever they want. If you're like most people, you would believe that your current lot in life is the one you are stuck with. What exactly is meant by ‘mind over matter’?  We all have the capacity to master our own mind power. You just need to know how to do it.

Think about your current circumstances. You might be in a job you hate or struggling financially or worried about your relationship, or lack of it. Each of these aspects of your life are there as a result of your own choices. This means your mind created those circumstances for you. It’s hard to think about some of the negative things around you right now as being a result of ‘mind over matter’, but it’s true.

Now think about the things in your life you are happy for. You might be proud of your achievements, pleased with your home, happy with your relationship. Each of these circumstances are also a direct result of your mind’s power. After all, you made the choices that resulted in these things being in your life.

Now imagine what power you could have by changing your own thought processes and beliefs. Imagine saying to yourself regularly ‘I deserve a better job with much more money’. Say this to yourself firmly every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts. Your sub-conscious is listening and you will begin to reprogram it to accept these positive thoughts. No matter how much you disagree with that statement, just try it. Eventually, you will begin to believe it, quite like those negative thoughts that have been bombarding your mind all these years.  

Break free and use your power to be whatever you WANT to be; not what you feel you have to be!

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