Monday, February 9, 2015


A PREDICTION: Sometime today you're going to get irritated.  

That’s a pretty safe prediction, isn't it?  

What’s not so predictable is how you're going to respond to that irritation. Are you going to focus on the PROBLEM or the POSSIBILITY???  

Here’s a positive story for you . . .  

A grain of sand finds its way inside the shell of an oyster. The intruder, though microscopic, is a source of irritation and pain to the soft body of the oyster. Unable to rid itself of the unwelcome pebble, the oyster seeks to reduce the irritation by coating it with layers of soft, iridescent mother-of-pearl material from its own shell. Over time, the oyster creates a beautiful pearl of great value.  

Today when you're irritated are you going to concentrate on the pain or the possibilities? Are you going to complain about your “pebble” or are you going to start making a pearl?  

Problems become possibilities.  
Weaknesses become strengths.  
Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.  

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