Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Champions rarely congratulate you for doing your job; they expect it of you!

If you are a Champion, you don't hand out “you showed up” trophies. Relentless people expect you to do what you are supposed to do and to do it at your best. A Champion will not tolerate someone that takes plays off, doesn't try to make every sell, and doesn’t study their best for every test. Champion mindset is that if they are doing their absolute best every day; then you should too. It’s not about talent, it’s about the effort. It doesn't take talent to show up and be unstoppable. It’s a mental thing more than a physical thing. So there is no excuse for you or me not to show up every day and be the best at what we do. Being relentless regardless of your talent level. Stop looking for someone to tell you ‘good job’ when you do your job. You have Champion ability inside you. 

Today is your day to step up and be that Champion. Are you ready to dominate the day?

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