Monday, January 12, 2015


You become unstoppable–by placing no limits on yourself.

I believe in having boundaries. I don’t believe in having limits. People put a lid on how high they can go in life. To be a Champion you have to take the limits, the lid off. You may have allowed other people in your past to put limits on you. Never allow other's opinion of you to hold you down. You have greatness inside you, no matter your past. Overcome the mistakes of your past and go higher. There are many that place limits on themselves. Refresh and refocus your mind on your purpose and destiny. It is time for you to take your place in life. It is time that you start to be the difference you were born to be. Remove the limits that have been placed on your life. You can rise to the highest level. You can be unstoppable. It is your decision to make. I encourage you today to be a Champion. Have you taken the limits off of your life today?

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