Thursday, December 18, 2014


We all go through tough times in life and don't always know why.

The tough times in our life should be used as tools for growth. We all go through tough spells in life, including our students. It is in these difficult times that Champions grow and develop. You have to make the decision to grow when in that dark place. That’s when your character is developed; that’s when you learn to trust, to persevere, when your mental toughness is strengthened. Take a new perspective about the rough times and discover the potential inside of you that you never knew you had as you learn about the plan for your life. Teach your students to take on this same perspective by talking to them about it.  As you and your students develop your inner Champion, you will have to go through the tough spells. Learning and growing seems to come during these times. Not to say that you can’t learn during the good times. However, the lessons we learn during the dark days stay with us for the rest of our life. This is a time of being planted so that you can grow. Don’t look at it as being buried. It is time for you to grow and become the relentless Champion that you are. Remember, in education, students are also dealing with tough times.  Students' lives are as real and relevant as ours.  We need to build them up and teach them to overcome and grow. Are we nurturing students to become Champions?

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