Monday, December 22, 2014


Let the past go and succeed in the NOW!

It is difficult sometimes to just let things go and move on.  Moving on from past mistakes or a bad lesson is hard to do for most people.  However, to be a Champion in life and in the classroom, you have to be in the NOW, able to focus on what is happening in the moment.  When you make a bad decision or something doesn't go as you planned in the classroom, you cannot stay there; you have to move on.  As in sports, a referee can make a bad call, why would you complain?  By doing so, you are negatively effecting your future by living in the past; move on.  Live in the present and take a new path that suits the new situation to create new success.  Do not make excuses; stay in the present and make new decisions that makes things right and move forward.  That does not mean ignore the past.  When a lesson or decision does not go well, learn to reflect and make changes but ALWAYS move forward.  Someone or something will always try to hold you back but be a Champion and stay in the NOW!

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