Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Control the controllables!
In order to be a Champion, it is essential to know what you can and cannot control.  Clearly, you cannot control others or even the weather...yet, at times, we try.  What you can control is your attitude, your response to adversity, YOURSELF.  Stop trying to control other people.  A Champion does not manipulate nor try to solely control an outcome.  Rather, a Champion works the process.  A Champion works every moment to their very best ability and has faith the results will take care of themselves.  When you stop outside factors from consuming your thoughts, you free up time for the relentless focus on you, on you being the very best you can be.  When things are not going well, remind yourself to refocus on what you CAN control and be a relentless Champion.  Take control of your attitude and how you respond to adversity and your life will reap the rewards of a Champion! 
In the classroom, know what you can control.  That is not the minds of students.  You are there to guide, challenge and scaffold their young minds.  Having command of your classroom is allowing for freedom to think, respond freely, explore and create; it is not to simply sit quietly in straight rows and follow the lesson plan passed down for thirty years.  Do not control the minds of others.  Rather, join in the exploration of knowledge alongside students to allow for discovery and the synthesizing of new knowledge...together.  Create Champions!

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